This is a list of the letterboxes that I have found in each state that I have letterboxed in. They are listed by state and include the names of the boxes found in each state and how many I have found in each state. I have also included the different countries that I have letterboxed in and the hitchhikers I have found.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Below is a list of the letterboxes I have found in Oklahoma. This is just a running list to keep track of the number of boxes I have found in this state. For a more detailed account of my finds click on one of the links under Letterboxes Found in the sidebar.

1. Sayre 66
2. Beer Talk
3. Seascape
4. Turner Falls
5. Summer Fun at Lake Murray: The Currents
6. Summer Fun at Lake Murray: Takin' A Dip
7. Summer Fun at Lake Murray: Happy 4th
8. A Medieval Romantic
9. Jester of Murray
10. Out of Sight
11. 80's Movie Series: The Naked Gun
12. 80's Movie Series: Teen Wolf
13. 80's Movie Series: Movie Time
14. 80's Movie Series: Overboard
15. 80's Movie Series: Steel Magnolias
16. For The Kids Series: Movie Tickets
17. For The Kids Series: Harry Potter's Whomping Willow
18. For The Kids Series: Scooby Doo
19. For The Kids Series: Yakko
20. For The Kids Series: Mini Remy
21. For The Kids Series: Dumbo
22. Snacks!
23. Temporary Series 1: Nightmare Before Christmas
24. Temporary Series 1: Tim Burton
25. Temporary Series 1: Cry Baby
26. Temporary Series 1: Chocolat
27. Temporary Series 2: The Green Mile
28. Temporary Series 2: James Dean
29. Temporary Series 2: Phantasm
30. Temporary Series 2: Shag
31. Temporary Series 2: Schindler's List
32. Temporary Series 2: Belle
33. Temporary Series 2: Flounder
34. Temporary Series 2: Spongebob Squarepants
35. Temporary Series 2: Frosty The Snowman
36. Temporary Series 2: Vertigo
37. Temporary Series 2: Aladdin's Rajah
38. Star Wars Series: Jedi Letterboxer
39. Star Wars Series: Sith Letterboxer
40. Star Wars Series: Star Wars
41. Just Married!!!
42. The Grapes of Wrath

43. North to Alaska: Bombing of Boise City
44. To OK From CO

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